Rockable Press Launches

Recently Envato launched a new site for their little publishing arm – Rockable Press. Rockable Press puts out simple, straight forward how-to guides and ebooks for web and creative professionals. Their first book – How to Be a Rockstar Freelancer – has sold over 2,000 copies, and will soon be releasing a second book on WordPress design.

Support entrepreneurs in impoverished areas with Kiva

During Blog Action Day bloggers everywhere supported entrepreneurs in impoverished areas through Kiva microloans. They did this by creating Kiva Lending Teams, by donating themselves or as businesses. Some great examples include the TechCrunch team who have already lent $1,550, the BAD08 team who have lent $2,375.

Typography In a Post!

Here are some examples of the typography that is built into the theme. Typography is a great tool to unify the look and feel of your web site and make the user experience enjoyable so they return for more of your awesome articles.

The oldest typographic tool ever discovered was the Phaistos Disc, a bronze disc with raised Greek characters. Its date of origin is disputed by the experts; from as far back as 1400 B.C. to as “recent” as the 1300s A.D.

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